Russell Gets arrested with possession of Purple Drank, codeine cough syrup

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JaMarcus Russell Purple Drank 300x225 JaMarcus Russell Finally Lives Up To Expectations: Arrested For Purple DrankJamarcus Russell was arrested today for possession of a controlled substance in Mobile, Alabama.  The substance was codeine syrup, or cough syrup infused with codeine. Russell obviously didn’t have a prescription for it.  The arrest was part of a sting operation. Russell was arrested at his Mobile home (not mobile-home, in Mobile, AL) by police and was later released on $2,500 bail. JaMarcus was born and went to high school in Mobile.

The codeine cough syrup is commonly called ‘Purple Drank‘ in the Hip-Hop community. Codeine is a narcotic that in large quantities lead to sedation and altered states of consciousness. While codeine is a pain killer, this concoction is used more as a recreational drug in the Hip-Hop community than to cover up any real pain.

This pretty much ruins any chance of JaMarcus getting even a min contract for anyone this off-season. With training camp looming and his court date set for July 20th (will probably be pushed back), It’s doubtful any team will be as stupid as the Raiders were originally.  Russell will certianly go down as the worst #1 pick in NFL history, but I’d go as far to say he is the worst NFL player in NFL history.  He had a career QB rating of 65 and a career completion rating of 52% with 18 TDs and 23 INT including 70 sacks.

This is a win for Al Davis probably in his mind.  He probably thinks “Hey, I got rid of him just in time.”  Well, you were two years late on that one Al, but for any of you non-Raiders fans it’s a win for you, because you know your team probably won;t make the mistake on Him with a min salary and roster position that someone was likely to.

If you respond better to listening to rap than you do reading a boring Wikipedia page, here is Fraser Boy with Miek Jones and Paul Wall to explain it in a gospel hymn:

Chappelle Purple Drank:

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