Andre Johnson and Chris Johnson Hold out for more money

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andre johnson chris johnson Johnson & Johnson Whine For More MoneyChris Johnson isn’t happy with his contract.  Neither is Andre Johnson. Neither one wants to participate in any team activities until they are paid. One might have a case, the other is an idiot.

Both players are coming off rather historic seasons. Andre Johnson is the first player in HISTORY to have back to back years leading the league in reception yards.  It’s shocking that hasn’t ever been done by Jerry Rice, but he hasn’t.  So he deserves a lot of money. Problem is, he just signed a 8 year contract in 2007 worth $60 million.  He has 5 years left on his deal.  He was already a stud in the league at the time so why would he sign that contract for so long if he thought he was worth more?  You’re an idiot Andre, and cannot be asking for more money when you already signed the largest WR contract in history.  Maybe in 3 years if you’re still a stud, THEN you can ask.  But please, shut up, and show up to camp.  The Texams can be pretty good this year, and you might just blow it for them in the offseason. Read more »

James sends a message to the basketball world

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The celebrity of Cleveland actually does realize that their entire economy depends on Lebron James playing basketball in Cleveland.

So they decided to get everyone who has ever been famous from Cleveland into a video singing a Lebron rendition of “We Are The World”.  The only problem is the most famous person they had in the song was an MTV’s Real World personality.  They did get the Ohio governor, which tells you how important him staying with the Cavs really is for Ohio and it’s people.

Check it out:

And the Lyrics: Read more »

Cavs role players blew is in game 5

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LeBron James Lebrons Game 5 MessageWhat’s the message?  I need help, I do it alone every game.  There is no other team, no less a powerhouse team like this in the NBA, and Lebron wants you to realize it.  Now Bron-bron does have a very good supporting cast, with Mo Williams, an aging Shaq and Antwan Jamison.  None of these guys really create their own offense. Jamison is a perfect fit with Lebron because he gets 18 points/8 rebounds without running him a single set.  Shaq has to hog possessions where he generally gets overly aggressive and commits a offensive foul or throws a low arcing brick at the back of the rim.  Mo Williams needs to get hot to get in his game, or get a wide open look from 3 from Lebron.

So what does any of this have to do with Lebron? He wants you to know how good he is, and how dependant the Cavs are on his game. Only once all season did he have 3 field goals like he did on Tuesday.  And only once did he have only 4 FG. Read more »

Kevin Mawae hasn't gotten a single call in free agency

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Kevin Mawae 300x200 Kevin Mawae Blackballed   Owners Vs. Union Conspiracy?

Kevin Mawae is a free agent, and he’s not quite sure why. Mawae was a pro-bowl center in the 2009 Pro-Bowl.  Granted, he was a backup.  But still to be one of the best 6 centers in the league, he is puzzles why he hasn’t even received a single call from a team. Mawae is also the NFL Players Association President.  And the owners and the players both want more money in the collective bargaining agreement that must be completed by next year to avoid a lockout.

Mawae not so subtly suggests the NFL owners may be using this as a battlefront for the new CBA. These were Mawae’s comments from a radio interview and put in a story on

“I am unemployed and hoping someone will call,” Mawae, 39, told “3 Hour Lunch” on 104.5 in Nashville. “It’s kind of befuddling to me that I just came off my eighth Pro Bowl and a 16-game season and I can’t get one phone call. Read more »

LenDale White with Pete Carroll, traded to Seahawks

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petereggielendale 300x200 LenDale White Reunited With Carroll In Seattle Via Trade

Pete Carroll and LenDale White have been reunited in Seattle. The Seahawks picked up LenDale in a trade, along with defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson for a 4th round pick and a 6th round pick.  But they also got back the Titans 4th and 6th rounders, so all they did was swap picks.  Not bad considering LenDale white has been a bruising goal line and short yardage back for the Titans, and went in the second round of the draft to Tennessee in 2006 out of USC.  He would have gone higher, but showed up to workouts 30 lbs overweight.

In 2007 White had 1100 yards rushing and 7 TDs.  In 2008 he had 800 yards and 15 TDs.  Last season, running along Chris Johnson, White only had 222 yards and 2 TDs.  He also has some attitude issues, once spitting in the face of teammate and safety Donnie Nickey.