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The player projections are up for week 3 for 2010.

The fantasy points projections can be found at the fantasy projections page.

On each player’s individual page, the game log includes projections for all of their stats for games that have not yet been played as exampled by Peyton Manning’s page below:

game log projections Player Projections & Fantasy Projections Week 3Projected stats are found in red, and fantasy points are found in green ( projected fantasy points are also green). Player pages can be found navigating through teams, or any stat page with the player on it through their link.

QB projections are looking great, and don’t need too much more data to be accurate since they are wholly based on the team’s passing projections.

RB and WR projections will increase in accuracy until week 5 when there will be enoguh season data to accurately project those positions.

Injuries are not taken into account in ANY of the projections. So if the QB that started the last game was replaced, the new QB will not have projected stats for that week. RB’s and WR’s that will carry more of a load due to another player’s injury should be adjusted accordingly.

Also, if a RB or WR has not scored a TD yet, or has not had a fumble yet, the projections for the entire season will read 0.0 for each of those stats for the time being.  I’ll work further to project variables that players haven’t yet achieved soon.

I’ll have a couple posts later on going into deeper detail on how each position is projected, and the accuracy level of the predictions.

For now, only the top 70 projected players for week 3 and the top 10 for each position are shown on the fantasy projections page. I will have pages for each position and all players of that position in the next few days for week 4. In the meantime, all players (even defensive player) have their projected stats for every week here on out on their individual pages.


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