Custom League Scoring Settings Now Added To Fantasy Draft Tools

You can now use your league’s custom scoring settings on all of the sites fantasy draft tools. Default scoring is based on Yahoo default scoring, which is nearly identical to standard ESPN scoring. standard scoring has Pass TD’s as 6 points instead of 4.

So check your league scoring settings and update each tool accordingly to make these tools even more powerful. Also don’t forget to always adjust the # Teams for tool as well.

PPR Leagues are also covered in this update. Simply enter the value of each reception into the “PPR” box.

Fantasy Draft Tools that have been updated:


Wide Receiver (WR) Sleepers – 2012 Fantasy Football

Wide Receiver is always the deepest position in fantasy football, and it can be a prudent strategy to wait on wide receivers and grab a guy that has top fantasy potential for a small price tag. And as always, finding value in the draft is the key to winning your league.

One of our sleepers last year, Julio Jones, would still be a great fit as a high end sleeper option with top 3 WR potential this year, but we’ll focus more on the later round guys to find value there, rather than spending high picks on the WR position.

Eric Decker, WR, DEN

Tim Tebow’s favorite target no longer has to deal with having a passer as bad as Tim Tebow as his QB. In steps one of the greatest QB’s of all-time in Peyton Manning, who just simply never under-performs. He consistently has put up 4,000 yards passing and 30-40 TDs year in and year out. And Colts WRs like Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison were always top 2 rounds of fantasy drafts.

Now he’s got Eric Decker. Decker has been working closely with Manning this offseason building rapport and they’ve even been spotted hanging out at Rockies games together.  Decker is a pretty big guy at 6’3″ 218, and is a big play threat with YAC ability.

If Decker is Manning’s go to target, look out, he will be a top 10 WR. And if he’s not, he’s probably still safely the 25th best WR (going on average as #27 WR on ESPN&Yahoo). Peyton Manning is always consistent, and even if John Fox’s offense dogs the numbers down, the TD’s have to go somewhere, Decker is a top choice for them.

PickingPros Projections: 55 rec, 818 Yds 5 TD 111 Pts #24 WR
Other Guys:  ESPN #26 WR, Yahoo #28 WR

Demaryius Thomas, WR, DEN

See a common theme here? Again, the 30-40 TDs Manning throws every year have to go somewhere. Will a good portion of them go to the ultra athletic former first rounder Demaryius Thomas. He plays bigger than his 6’3″ frame and he has incredible big play potential (see Steelers OT game in playoffs). Again, like Decker, if Thomas turns into Peyton’s favorite option, look out. He has top 5 fantasy potential with Manning behind center. Thomas is more raw than Decker, doesn’t run great routes. If he’s a good listener (to be seen) Peyton will teach him how to get open on every route.

Thomas should also be the #1 redzone threat for the Broncos, could rack up around 10 TDs under Manning. Thomas is currently going as the 24th WR in ESPN and 15th in Yahoo. The yahoo rank is probably where he should be, but definite value in ESPN and leagues.

PickingPros Projections: 65 rec, 1010 Yds 5 TD 132 Pts #14 WR
Other Guys:  ESPN #24 WR, Yahoo #15 WR

Antonio Brown, WR, PIT

Antonio Brown opened some eyes last year after posting 69 catches for 1,108 yards. The Steelers like him so much that they threw a 5 year $42 million contract at Brown, but wouldn’t pay speedster Mike Wallace, who is still holding out.  Mike Wallace doesn’t have much choice but to report at the end of camp, so don’t expect Wallace to be out, but Brown could become Big Ben’s #1 option anyways. Antonio Brown was the #1 option in the last 6 weeks of the 2011 season, and could continue the trend for all of this year. If Ben Roethlisberger stays healthy it won’t matter if Brown is the #1 or #2 option, he’ll get a lot of looks and his 2 TDs almost have to improve.

PickingPros Projections: 56 rec, 865 Yds 4 TD 114 Pts #22 WR
Other Guys:  ESPN #25 WR, Yahoo #25 WR

Torrey Smith, WR, BAL

Torrey Smith was very serviceable in 2011 tallying over 800 yards and 7 TDs. He had a dropped pass that woul dhave extended playoff s for the Ravens, but that shouldn’t make a bit of difference. It wasn’t even close with Smith being the #1 option late in the year for Joe Flacco. If you believe in Joe Flacco like he does of himself (best qb in the league) you probably won’t win your fantasy league. But the Ravens have a good offense and the passing game for the WR’s will remain wide open with Ray Rice doing what he does best.

Smith played through injury last year and still put up great numbers. He is an athletic freak, as he showed with this dunk,  He’s also another one of those rookie receivers that didn’t get full training camps witht he lockout. With a full offseason with Flacco, their relationship could turn into some major fantasy numbers for a guy you can get late in drafts.

PickingPros Projections: 50 rec 780 Yds 4 TD 105 Pts #26 WR
Other Guys:  ESPN #30 WR, Yahoo #30 WR

Other Value Plays

Denarius Moore with the Raiders could be the #1 WR there, and has explosive ability. Keep an eye on the Tennessee WR situation. It may be Locker, But Nate Washington has a chance to have another solid season with Britt missing time with injury and potentially suspension. Kenny Britt now turns into a sleeper for the 2nd half of the season since his fantasy value has dropped off a cliff. One of the few top 5 potential guys you can get in the late round of drafts at this point.

Tool To Compare Top Fantasy Sites ADP

The key to winning all fantasy drafts is finding the most value. Fantasy value really gets arbitrarily determined by just a small number of people putting out rankings and saying things on TV that greatly effect every draft.

Looking closely, and going through mock drafts on all the major sites you will notice that there are huge discrepancies between the 3 major sites (ESPN/Yahoo/ in how the drafts go.

And whether you have an annoying autodrafter in the draft or not, all drafts on Yahoo go about the same, right in line with the site’s rankings and ADP. Same goes for ESPN, drafts.

So how do we excape overpaying for a player on one of these sites, or missing the value plays? Comparison shopping. Except you can’t just go to to price shop. So now you can just come here and well aggregate all the data for ADP for each league.

Here’s how the tool works. Each site’s average draft positions (ADP’s) are compared to the average of the other two sites ADP. Continue reading “Tool To Compare Top Fantasy Sites ADP”

Quarterback (QB) Sleepers – 2012 Fantasy Football

Aaron Rodgers deservedly has been all the hype this year at QB, and going top 3 in most standard leagues. But beyond the top choices like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford and Cam Newton, there is a lot of QB depth and you can wait until late in the draft to get value with a sleeper. QB Sleepers are also essential in 2 QB leagues.

Last year we nailed two of the deep QB sleepers in Cam Newton and Stafford who finished 3rd and 5th overall, respectively. The term sleeper is thrown around in a pretty vague way to talk about players. Here it will just be an indicator of potential and value at every level of the draft.

Matt Ryan, QB, ATL

Matt Ryan could very well be this year’s Stafford, and I actually believe  he’ll beat him in fantasy this year. Ryan has always had his crutch in Roddy White, but they have always relied on pounding the rock with Michael Turner. That’s all changing now that Atlanta has mortgaged their future on Julio Jones (2011 sleeper). Ryan is poised for a monster year in 2012 with Roddy and Julio.

They faced much more difficult pass defenses last year, which diminished Ryan’s fantasy value, but he was still the 8th best fantasy QB in the NFL. So why in thr world such a large drop to #14 Yahoo and #11 ESPN. Is this pass offense not going to improve with a 2nd year from Julio and a consistent Roddy White? I think they will take a huge step this year, expect big things from Matt Ryan (and Julio Jones).

PickingPros Projections: #4 QB, 4441 Yds, 31 TD 10 INT, 295 Pts.

Other Guys: ESPN #11 QB | Yahoo #14 QB

Michael Vick, QB, PHI

How the mighty have fallen. When Vick was on the field in 2010, he put up fantasy numbers that had never been seen before. He was a unanimous top 3 pick on every fantasy site, even with the injury risk he is. This year, Michael Vick is all but forgotten.

Vick is the player you can get at any kind of value that has the chance to be a top 3 QB, and he has the potential to set new fantasy QB records. The worry with Vick is that he’ll only give you 12 games, or less.  Fine. The potential to have 30 points a week from a guy you get in the 30’s and 40’s of ADP, and for 1/3 of what Rodgers costs in auction drafts. For those weeks that he is hurt, pick up a Matt Ryan, RG3, Schaub, or Palmer to back him up. How come they never talk about the concussion risk Rodgers is, or the Shoulder surgery on Stafford? No one cared about the injury risk with Vick last year, nad this year he can be had at some serious value. All the potential of Aaron Rodgers just with more risk. So having Arian Foster and Vick, or Rodgers and Steven Jackson/Frank Gore, where do you think the most potential lies?

He certainly isn’t worth a 1st and probably not a 2nd rounder, but if hes falling into the late 30’s and 40’s you have to grab him, otherwise grab Matt Ryan much later.

PickingPros Projections: #4 QB, 3833Yds, 20TD 20 INT, 235Pts.

Other Guys: ESPN #7 QB | Yahoo #6 QB Continue reading “Quarterback (QB) Sleepers – 2012 Fantasy Football”

Advanced Fantasy Football Draft Player Values

Draft values to help find value at every position on your fantasy team.

The draft is the most important part of winning your fantasy league each year. There are many important factors to consider for each player when drafting them including injury risk, upside/potential, and consistency. But the dominant factor which you want to hold true with every pick is value. The way most think of value in fantasy is to grab a guy much later than your trusted source says to draft them, or where you think he should go.

Introducing PAA and PAL

PAA, or Points Above Average, is the projected amount of fantasy points over the average projected points at that position. So if Adrian Peterson is projected for 260points, and you league will start 30 RB’s each week, and the average projections of the top 30 RBs is 200, Adrian Peterson’s PAA is 60 and his PAA/Week is 3.75 Pts/Wk (60 points /16 weeks).

PAL , or Points Above Last, is very similar to PAA, just compared with the last projected starter at each position rather than the average. So PAL is the player’s projected points subtracted by the lowest projected starter in your league. So Adrian Peterson with 260 projected points and the #31 RB is Fred Jackson with 142 projected points, Peterson’s PAL is  118 (260-142) and his PAL/Week is 7.375 (118 points /16 weeks).

Fully Customized To Your League

Each advanced fantasy draft values page (Overall, QB, RB, WR, TE) can be tailored to your specific league to take into account how many at each position will be starting. Use the input forms just above each data table to change the values. Continue reading “Advanced Fantasy Football Draft Player Values”